Products and Services

Gaskets and Stampings

Drawing on over a quarter-century of experience, West Coast Gasket offers a virtually unlimited array of innovative solutions to your sealing needs. High quality stampings and gaskets can be produced in-house from an almost unlimited number of materials.


West Coast Gasket capabilities encompass commercial to precision tolerance rubber, sponge and plastic extrusions in virtually any design, with the ability to make simple and complex shapes from a wide variety of materials.


Specializing in the manufacturing precision molded rubber products, West Coast Gasket operates state-of-the-art equipment and can readily use transfer, compression and injection molding to meet demanding response, quality and specialty capabilities including bonding polymers to metals for high strength elastomeric bonds.

Lathe Cutting

West Coast Gasket lathe cutting services can be useful when combined with value-added services such as grinding - to achieve tight tolerance products. Parts from 1/4" I.D. and up, and thicknesses as thin as .025" can be manufactured.

Precision Waterjet Cutting

An ideal technology for precision part production from flat stock, West Coast Gasket's Water Jet Center can output complex flat patterns from almost any material, including rubber, metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, composites and many others.

Metal and Plastic Machining

We provide product solutions to control and manage heat in electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards. Sil-Pad products are used by many of the world's largest OEMs in various industries including automotive, computer, power supply, military and motor control.